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The beginning & end of all literary activity is the reproduction of the world that surrounds me, by means of the world that is within me, all things being grasped, related, recreated, moulded & reconstructed in a personal form & an original manner”- Goethe
The images in this themed body of work may at first appear to slot neatly into the genre of street photography, and indeed they are, in as far as they depict un-staged people in actual situations . But that is a departure from the genre. Rather than being driven by events or by moments captured, the images represent a mood, a feeling, an internal space that is being lived and played out by the protagonists on a reality stage.
It is an intersection of the scripted and the document, between made and found images. Feelings of loneliness, disconnection and alienation are induced. A melancholy mood prevails. Asa counterpoint, a bright area, in a dark image, may evoke hope or possibility. In each case narrative is implied and introduced and a question is asked in each scene: “what’s the story” ? The answer suspended.
The framing devices,  windows and shapes, create multi layered space, and suggest voyeurism. They allow the viewer to peer into the scene, to be drawn in as a silent witness and thereby become involved in the psychology of self reflection. What is represented ? What do we have in common with the people depicted?  Perhaps a search for self is reflected.
There is a distinction between the poetic and the journalistic, and I’m more interested in the former. I am more interested in connecting people to states of mind than I am in making a chronicle, more interested in what is felt than what is seen.

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