Limbo being an intermediate state of in-betweenness, neither here nor there, a state of existence that is not anchored in the present moment but rather suspended between the past and the future. It implies a sense of detachment from the immediate surroundings.
This state of existence occupies both a physical and metaphysical space. The physical space refers to the tangible world, while the metaphysical space alludes to the realm of thoughts, emotions, and abstract ideas. It's a contemplative space where one can reflect on where they've come from (the past) and imagine where they're going (the future). 
The present moment, often referred to as "The Now," is described as a "blank slate" or a clean canvas. In this context, it represents a moment free from the constraints of the past or the pressures of the future. Back and forth, resolving 'history' and preparing the 'future'. It's a point in time where one can potentially start anew. It highlights the potential for reflection and contemplation and how the present moment can be a source of solace and renewal when we free ourselves from the burdens of history and future expectations
Loneliness can be transformed into solitude. Loneliness typically implies a sense of isolation or sadness, while solitude often conveys a peaceful and content state of being alone. This transformation suggests that, in the present moment, one can find a sense of inner peace and contentment. It encourages us to find meaning and contentment in the now.
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