"Invisible Cities" is a novel written by the Italian author Italo Calvino. The novel is a work of imaginative fiction that blurs the lines between fiction and philosophy. It is structured as a conversation between the Venetian explorer Marco Polo and the aging emperor Kublai Khan. In these conversations, Marco Polo describes to Kublai Khan a series of cities he claims to have visited during his travels. These cities, however, are not physical places but rather symbolic and imaginative constructs. They are allegorical and symbolic representations of various aspects of human experience, culture, and imagination. Each city represents a different concept or theme, and readers are encouraged to interpret their meaning.
The novel's narrative structure is non-linear, and it can be read in a variety of ways. Readers can choose to read the chapters in any order they prefer, as each chapter stands alone as a self-contained narrative. This non-linear structure adds to the novel's sense of exploration and discovery.
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