Images as metaphor and how they can serve as a means of accessing a deeper and more interconnected understanding of a larger "great mystery." Here, images are not just literal representations but are used as a gateway to convey deeper feelings, meanings and ideas beyond their surface appearance.
This great mystery can be seen as a metaphorical or philosophical concept representing the profound and complex nature of existence, knowledge, or the universe as a whole. The use of images is presented as a means to explore and understand this mystery. To hint at a story.
The series is given the name "Cover Story," which is a play on words with dual connotations. Firstly, it may reference how images serve as visual "covers" or representations. Secondly, it draws inspiration from vinyl record and CD cover art, which often hints at or suggests the mood, theme, or essence of the music contained within. 
This connection to music cover art could imply that the images in the series are meant to evoke a certain feeling or atmosphere, much like album covers do for music.
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